Contemporary Realism & illustration

Contemporary Realism & illustration

Without omens we have to live with the unknown - 24”x30” oil - ©️19 available
Without omens we have to live with the unknown - 24”x30” oil - ©️19 available

About Me

Working on My Big Plans Foiled Again!

Before I was old enough to read or really have any kind of real life experience to help me understand what I was looking at I would pour over books and imagine what the images meant. Sometimes I had a vague memory of the story being read to me or being explained but then, as now I enjoyed getting lost in the story of my own creation more. I remember becoming old enough to go back to books by Charles Addams and laughing at what they really meant and remembering my own innocent and curious explanations, this really is the foundation of most of my work.  

I use objects and images that are subliminally vocal and familiar to me and that are capable of telling a story I can not quite put into words. Overall I strive for each piece to carry on and evolve into new stories outside of the ones I have in mind.

My Medium


I work in several mediums including oils, watercolor, graphite, photography and digital.  

I would be happy to answer any questions about my work, process, representation, shows, available work and commissions.  Thank you so very much for visiting!



My inspirations are many and varied but I would have to say one of the greatest influences has been living by a cemetery for the last 25 years. An ever evolving place of sadness, joy, nature, offerings, and secret messages found while walking with my dog or visiting under the trees with my best friend. I also find inspiration in the dharma talks by josh Korda and ajahn brahm. As I dive within myself to share messages of love, passages, magick and the human condition and all it has to offer from humor, dreams, hurt, forgiveness and compassion. I think what has been most surprising and comforting has been how my work resonates with others who like me are just trying to do our best. I hope my simple offerings do the same for you.  I wish you well No matter what. 



Works in progress & process


A shared vision

Thank you so much for stopping by

I have brought to life many collector‘s visions as commissioned originals. Including album art for AJJ and Treasure Mammal, book covers for Wolf  Pupy, pet portraits, and personalized still life pieces. I can also help with digital art including logos, and illustration of children’s books. Let’s talk about it!